Action plan for this week - Chicago style

Writing from Chicago is like writing from fun. There's so much art all around me - so much energy wherever I see.

Whatever I do is bound to be new.

This city has such a strong character.
It makes me express myself differently. Deeper than consciousness - the social space of Chicago (all 49 neighbourhoods & history) has got to me.

Makes me think Cork must be like that. Cork must have got to me. Cork must be a force in ways deeper than consciousness.

The social place - the space we hang out - is powerful.

I would never have written this in Cork.

At 8:15am on Monday in Chicago - after reading the end & start of "Social Marketology" by Ric Dragon (CEO of Dragon Search)...

...after a street party last night

... after hanging out for jazz in Al Capone's Green Mill jazz club

... before going downtown into the Loop to work with Jane Boyd & Marti Konstant

An Action Plan in verse...

Get out of my kitchen
Get off out to work
Go play with your friends
Go build up your funds
It's time to be smarty
Propel a new party
Make-up a fresh story
Give birth to the money
That's certainly funny
Bees make the honey

Get out of my kitchen
And be more bewitchin.

Could never have come up with that in Cork.

Going to new social places is good for everyone.