It's a matter of trust

As marketers we sometimes get a bad wrap. Last week someone said to me..... “You guys are capitalists, out to manipulate people …getting them to waste their hard earned money, buying stuff they don’t even need”
I must say this challenged my self-concept…I thought marketing was a force for good – delivering choices to consumers & making businesses more accountable? Remember that More Meaningful Marketing mantra that ChangeAgents believes in?

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2011 : Year of the App

2011 has been "The Year of The App" - the year when "smart" phones & tablets moved from being "toys for the boys" to being ordinary things many people have.

Most people you know who use  the Internet have iPhone, Android phone, iPad or some other mobile device.   They began with a mobile phone - now they have fast Internet access wherever they are. During 2011 people have been moving round with computers in their handbags & pockets...

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