You must steal to grow a business

You simply have to rob others.  It's a "fact of life" - the better you are at stealing from others the more likely you are to succeed in business.

[By the way when I say "in business" - I mean in whatever activity you are engaged in.]

From the beginning, humans have stolen from each other (and from other animals).

You see, when you have no money, you have limited options:

1. Grow your own (food, ideas, contacts...)

2. Go without (starve, give up, die...)

3. Beg from others (a noble art)

4. Barter with others (essential)

5. Steal (invade, make war, enslave, copy, rob...)

Today I'd like to extol the necessity & virtue of being a good stealer...

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People to meet @DMXDublin on Wednesday

You have to go networking for your business.  And there are plenty of opportunities to do it.

For example, you could join Business Networking International (BNI) - a local & global networking group.  

You could join Network Ireland (or a local branch Network Cork).

You could go to a conference, like 5th Digital Media Marketing Summit on 29 May or The Summit Dublin on 29-31 October.

This week you could go to Digital Marketing Conference in Aviva Dublin - that's being run by the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

The big question is how to take advantage of the networking opportunity...

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Women matter

Men eat most of the food in the world - but women buy most of it.   Why?

Men make most of the business decisions in the world - but women make most household decisions - why?

These are big questions.  If you know the answers, you could produce a best selling book. People are curious about such issues. 

As a brand sociologist, I do research into these questions all the time.  
In sociological terms - the method I use is called "participant-observation" research (pioneered by William Foote Whyte in Chicago - 'Street Corner Society'.)

This week I've spent time with

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