Top 10 questions to use for your business

When thinking & talking about growing your business - it's handy to have one short key set of questions in mind. 

  • Questions that are easy to remember.  
  • Questions that are easy to discuss with everyone that matters.

Your top 10 questions:

1.  Why does your business exist?

2. What's your product or service?

3.  Who are your customers?

4.  What plans do you have for what you offer to customers? [next 2 years]

6 more questions...

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A bad night's sleep helps improve the day

Out of the adversity & disappointment of a bad night's sleep, you may prefer this message in the form of a true story.  

It started nearly nine years ago, in the autumn of 2005, when I came to Cork on a ferry.  From Bath in England via Swansea in Wales I sailed into Ringaskiddy harbour with a big van loaded full of our worldly possessions - plus stuff I couldn't face leaving behind. I was looking for a place we could call home.

Work-wise it was easy for me. All I needed was a local airport because I was helping to change the culture of the biggest people transport company in the UK. Loved that work & had plenty of it. But I had no idea what I was really doing & how it would connect with my future work... (plenty more to come)

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