Golf can be meaningful too

I was in the Barn, a local restaurant the other night talking about the Irish Open (that's golf).  

In the room were a crowd of people from the Mercy Hospital - that's a big old hospital in Cork. They were  going on about the golf.

I could hear them chatting about the weather & how that would affect the players.  Birdies, eagles & albatrosses were mentioned.  

"Are you all twitchers?" I wondered.

(In case you've never sucked an egg from a bird's nest, twitchers are bird watchers - and I haven't met any since I came back to Ireland.)

"Indeed, we are not, twitchers, or whatever you call  them.  We're fundraising for the Mercy."

"So what's with the birdies?"

"For every birdie Rory McIlroy shoots - we'll get money for the hospital."

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What we intended to say in a memorable way

Grow your business in a meaningful way - in a marketplace that's more and more cluttered by digital spam.

In the heat of the moment at the conference - what we wanted to say didn't get said right.  

But what was it we'd have said if everything had gone perfectly? 

Brands are conversations.  

Between companies that have purposes, personalities, desires, needs, wants, expectations, hopes, products, services & people that have purposes, personalities, desires, needs, wants, expectations, hopes, money. Talk with people.

Stop everything... 

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The Digital Summit in Dublin

Don't confuse this one-day event with The Summit - Paddy Cosgrave's baby.  

It's the 5th Digital Media & Marketing Summit.  In comparison with The Summit (4-6 November), it'll be tiny.  Just 300 in Croke Park Conference Centre

But 300 is enough to change a lot of habits.  300 people could change the way business is done in Ireland - if they acted together.  If they collaborated to kill the rubbish & fill our lives with more meaningful marketing - 300 could bring about a "tipping point".

That's cloud cuckoo utopian thinking. Ridiculously impractical.

But that's why Jon & Paul are going to speak at the Digital Summit...

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Butter is butter is butter - isn't it?

Why should I buy butter?  There are so many alternatives.

Why should I buy one butter rather than another?  Aren't they all the same - basically?  Don't they all do the same thing - lubricate my bread?

What's the point in paying more for Kerrygold than "Own Brand" - isn't cheapest best?

Of course, we all know there's a point to handmade specialist butters. They're in a niche of their own.  But when it  comes to mass-produced butter - why should I consider Kerrygold Irish creamery butter?

I hadn't bothered to think until this weekend...

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