The Quick and The Dead Entrepreneurs

"In the army, when they trained us on hand-to-hand fighting with knives - they said 'There are two types of soldiers: the Quick and the Dead'"

My informant spoke from experience of being trained to live & to kill. He'd been a trained soldier.

It's the same in business.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: the Quick & the Dead.

  • Those who perfect their idea, business plan, product, team & market intelligence
  • Those who make something fast that's good enough to win some first customers & are "shit hot" nimble

[If you want to read a whole book (that's made a fortune for its author) - buy The Lean Startup by Eric Reiss. You may not need to read more than three chapters - or you may feel compelled to have all the evidence (read the whole book).]

The Quick and the Dead in action are two different animals...

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You must steal to grow a business

You simply have to rob others.  It's a "fact of life" - the better you are at stealing from others the more likely you are to succeed in business.

[By the way when I say "in business" - I mean in whatever activity you are engaged in.]

From the beginning, humans have stolen from each other (and from other animals).

You see, when you have no money, you have limited options:

1. Grow your own (food, ideas, contacts...)

2. Go without (starve, give up, die...)

3. Beg from others (a noble art)

4. Barter with others (essential)

5. Steal (invade, make war, enslave, copy, rob...)

Today I'd like to extol the necessity & virtue of being a good stealer...

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The big question about pollution

I've never forgotten the day my father asked me the big question:

"What are you doing to save your immortal soul?"

That felt like the ultimate challenge to my teenage self. That may have been his greatest gift to me...

This week I've been grappling with the secular version - the big question.

"What are you doing to clean up the shit?"

The pollution question...

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"We want to start working with you"

When the phonecall came on Monday morning, I was in a meeting.

I slipped out of the group to take it.

This was no ordinary call. Mary Murphy must have news or something? I'd been thinking of her startup before the meeting. How weird she should ring today. I was going to email her.

"Hi Paul, it's Mary...

"I was at a conference for startups on Saturday & came away with three reflections for our business.

"We need three things now: (her exact words)

1. A stunning product brand
2. Authentic and memorable storyline
3. Clarity of purpose

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