The Digital Summit in Dublin

Don't confuse this one-day event with The Summit - Paddy Cosgrave's baby.  

It's the 5th Digital Media & Marketing Summit.  In comparison with The Summit (4-6 November), it'll be tiny.  Just 300 in Croke Park Conference Centre

But 300 is enough to change a lot of habits.  300 people could change the way business is done in Ireland - if they acted together.  If they collaborated to kill the rubbish & fill our lives with more meaningful marketing - 300 could bring about a "tipping point".

That's cloud cuckoo utopian thinking. Ridiculously impractical.

But that's why Jon & Paul are going to speak at the Digital Summit...

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It easy to podcast for your business

Everyone who wants to grow their business needs to communicate with people about it. Lots of business owners & managers strive to get their message out via media owned by others: newspapers, radio & TV. Many use social media like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube - even LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest.

But very few podcast for their business.  They don't even consider it.  

One of the reasons is that it's not popular to podcast.  It's different from what others are doing. It takes courage to be different.  And it's hard to start a new habit. Another reason is that it used to be hard to podcast: it used to require complicated technology and a recording studio.  But that's no longer the case.  It's now incredibly simply to record a piece of audio and share it with people.

You can make audio about your business and share it via the internet and email - easily. Here's an example of a podcast made at an event in Limerick on Saturday: 3D Camp.

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Corporate expectations are poor?

I was in my favourite coffee place in the whole world (it's tiny Filter in Cork) reading about the takeover battle between Pfizer & AstraZeneca.

Beside me - minding her own business - was a woman in a suit. She looked as if she'd come from the South Mall or even IFSC Ireland in Dublin.

You know the way coffee lovers get chatting... 
One thing led to another & she asked me what I did for a living?

"You're mad.  Don't tell me that's what you do?  You can't be serious..."

She looked both shocked and a bit outraged.

"You can't do that.  I've never heard of anyone doing that."

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I don't follow anyone on Twitter

I don't read all the tweets anyone produces.

I don't follow the example of anyone.

I don't retweet all the tweets from anyone.

I don't love all the tweets anyone makes - even @RogerOverall @BoydJane @Eoghanol @VOfficeWorx @ChrisBrogan @BenjaminOMahony @Tori_RH @Documentally @SmarterEggAodan @1TomHickey @SpaceForChange @DavidGQuaid

Why would I follow someone on Twitter?

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