Three reasons why I'm going to work in Chicago

How do you think about your "work"?  
What mindset helps you navigate the complexity of life?

It doesn't really matter what you regard as "work" - so long as you're clear about it & it serves you well.  That's right, isn't it.

Wish me well in Chicago.  
It may be all "work" - but it'll be fun too.  I'm "too" excited about the prospect.  Also dying to
compose blogposts for you from a coffee house Chicago or from the Skydeck of Willis Tower.

Why I'm going to Chicago...

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Golf can be meaningful too

I was in the Barn, a local restaurant the other night talking about the Irish Open (that's golf).  

In the room were a crowd of people from the Mercy Hospital - that's a big old hospital in Cork. They were  going on about the golf.

I could hear them chatting about the weather & how that would affect the players.  Birdies, eagles & albatrosses were mentioned.  

"Are you all twitchers?" I wondered.

(In case you've never sucked an egg from a bird's nest, twitchers are bird watchers - and I haven't met any since I came back to Ireland.)

"Indeed, we are not, twitchers, or whatever you call  them.  We're fundraising for the Mercy."

"So what's with the birdies?"

"For every birdie Rory McIlroy shoots - we'll get money for the hospital."

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I use the "F" word

We all like to be understood.  We all strive to express ourselves & be understood.  The weird minority view is "I like to be misunderstood."

I confess I'm the kind of guy who welcomes misunderstandings.  I wasn't always like that (I suppose)  but experience has learnt me a few lessons. Like the one I learned while I was running a training  course for The National Trust in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Years ago, my job was to train people on how to manage employees well. I ran a 3-day course called "Performance Management". The eight people on the course included four directors - everyone on the course was very senior & very preoccupied with big issues. After 90 minutes on day one, we took a coffee break (some went off to phone offices, others to chat, others to grab fresh air.)

One director took me aside, discretely & politely. "You know Paul you've sworn 4 times in the first hour."

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Corporate expectations are poor?

I was in my favourite coffee place in the whole world (it's tiny Filter in Cork) reading about the takeover battle between Pfizer & AstraZeneca.

Beside me - minding her own business - was a woman in a suit. She looked as if she'd come from the South Mall or even IFSC Ireland in Dublin.

You know the way coffee lovers get chatting... 
One thing led to another & she asked me what I did for a living?

"You're mad.  Don't tell me that's what you do?  You can't be serious..."

She looked both shocked and a bit outraged.

"You can't do that.  I've never heard of anyone doing that."

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