Every day you write a new chapter of your story - every hour you compose a fresh paragraph - and every minute you make a unique mark on the page

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

That's what Steve Jobs said.

This is not true.  
This is a mindset, a perspective, a way of making sense of a world.  Even to call the world "complex" is not true - it is a way of seeing.  You can choose to see the world as "simple" if you like.

You have that ability to choose -  you don't have to follow the lead you have been given by others...

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Challenge the status quo

I remember my father challenging me.  He pushed me to become clear about what I stood for. He had his own strong position. He wanted me to stop being all over the place. 

He challenged my status quo.  Made me feel uncomfortable, certainly.

Looking back I can see how incoherent I was.  How much I was flying in too many directions.

It took me years of struggle to become clear about what I stand for - and that struggle to express my "difference" continues. 

So it is with a business.  You need to be challenged.  Whether you're an owner or an employee - the status quo is there to be challenged - not to be defended too strongly. 

What is the status quo anyway?

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