Meeting a new client or business

This is tricky.  Certainly I won't pretend I find it easy to do.  Meeting a new client means meeting someone you don't know.  Their values &  habits are new.  Their previous experience is almost a mysterious adventure.  So much is not yet revealed.

Companies project their image through their website. They also give a big impression down the phone.  I'm getting ready to meet someone I have spoken to - once. Someone whose website gives many impressions.  I'm doing my best to read the signs - but I know I'm not even scratching the surface.

A website tells a story... Many stories.  I get an impression from what a website doesn't do.  The images have been selected; they must mean something.  But it's hard to know what they mean until you gather more information.

Tomorrow I'll visit the premises; I'll meet the owner; I'll meet some of the staff; I'll even see people at work.  The website is a puzzle.  I'm waiting  for more experience before I jump to any conclusions about the quality of the business.

I think we live in a mistrustful world. Websites are opening bids in a game...  It's what's behind the website that matters most.  There is a lot at stake in the first meeting with a new business.  Tricky yes, but also exciting.  I'm certainly going to learn lots.

ps: Thanks to Jenny Downing, photographer