Paddy Power forced to shelve plans to run 'offensive' TV spot

Paddy Power has been forced to pull  its latest ad on TV after regulators feared it could cause widespread offence.

The spot, the third in a series of three ads created by the bookmaker's new ad agency Big Al's Creative Emporium, features four wheelchair-bound actors "doing a runner" on their bill from the 'Star of Bombay' curry house.

After the restaurant's owner gives up on chasing them, a brand spokesman consoles him by explaining that while Paddy Power can't get him his customers back, it can in some cases help get him his money back, thanks to its new Money-Back specials initiative, which gives customers the opportunity to have their stake, refunded even if their bet didn't come through.

What do you think about the TV ad? Does it cause offense, and should it have been pulled.  Either way the ad, which has been launched to coincide with next week's Cheltenham Festival, will  certainly create a buzz online and generate great PR for the Paddy Power brand.