Your toilet matters a lot to your business

Getting drunk, annoying others, being hungover after St Patrick's Day isn't good enough.  Thank goodness things are getting better on that front (or so it looks from here - agree?) 

Again, let's congratulate Fáilte Ireland for giving voice to the best of Ireland in this video which has been viewed 989,376 times (so far).

Like Ireland,

"our businesses are as strong as our weakest links"

I'd like to alert you to the most forgotten places - often the weakest links.
You meet a business in all sorts of places: at a networking event (like DMXDublin), over the counter in a shop, at the reception desk, down the phone, on the website, in a quotation, invoice, email...  

So many touchpoints - eh.

A business is transparent 
- people can look into its heart easily these days (especially since the internet came along).

[As The CLUETRAIN Manifesto said in 1999: "Companies need to come down from their Ivory Towers and talk to the people with whom they hope to create relationships." - thesis 25.]

It's hard to be on guard on all fronts - ensuring you give potential customers an attractive experience.  But you can be sure people are curious & talkative - people talk about your business behind your back. You never know the half of it.

"Companies need to lighten up and take themselves less seriously. They need to get a sense of humour." - CLUETRAIN (thesis 21)

So where might you forget to watch?

(1) Your toilets
Do you have a toilet for customers, passers-by & staff? How consistent is the toilet experience with your brand values?
[Our client PartyWorld in Waterford City opened a big new store - their No 1 value is "Fun".  So they must offer their customers a toilet experience that's fun.  Isn't that right?]

If you're a supermarket, hotel, restaurant, filling station - you have a toilet.  

It's not enough that it's clean & works.

To grow your business, you need to control the toilet experience so it adds value to your brand.

(2) Saying goodbye to customers
What's the last restaurant you were in?  [Mine was Kai in Galway]  What happened after you paid the bill?  What happened on your way out?  Was there any fuss?  

The quest for repeat business begins as soon as the bill is paid.  The transaction's happened. No matter how well it's gone, you have an immediate opportunity to attract the customer to return.  

You want people to leave your restaurant itching to recommend it to their friends.  Such word-of-mouth marketing is much more meaningful than hits on your website.

To get your customers selling your business for you is the name of the game.

It won't happen by accident.

How you say "Goodbye" is vital to your business 
- your brand values should fix the style with which you say "au revoir"  ('until we see you again').

You can easily translate this into your business.  

  • How do you say goodbye to your customers?

Get this right and it'll save you a lot of money. [Repeat customers cost a lot less than earning new ones.]

When we met & greeted returned emigrants last weekend
what did we do to show them we want them to have a good time & come back?

Our advice for everyday:

  • Think "Toilet" & "Goodbye"
  • Make both fit for purpose
  • Your brand is everything

Grow your business by more meaningful marketing
- the kind that attends to the details that others think don't matter.

Stand out from the mass by being memorable & relevant to the needs of people who chat.

St Patrick Day stands for...
something great about us as a community.  But we have to make it happen every day -  the way we want  to be remembered.

Our national brand values
are not "let's get pissed" & "let's make a mess".  We have higher purpose & values - the opportunity is here to show this in action.

Next time you put yourself in your customer's shoes, remember the toilets & the goodbyes.

It's good to celebrate.

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