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We understand the impact of courage and ambition. We're attracted to clients who share our view that it is better to explore the outer limits of the possible (and then, if necessary, to pull back), rather than to stay cautiously within our close-to-home comfort zone.  

You can work with us in 3 ways:

(1) We run Workshops - our focus is running Branding Workshops for companies that are dead serious about marketing. We'll share the secret sauce of the Big Brands and help you clarify, simplify and amplify what your Brand stands for. They're not cheap but they will help you conquer the world and get customers to trust, love, admire and desire your Brand.

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(2) We Consult -  our workshops give you a flavour of working with the ChangeAgents. If there's a good click we can continue to serve as your Marketing Director, Branding Catalyst and Ad Agency all rolled into one. We can come on board - help you build a Marketing & Branding Strategy that grows your business. You get to learn from the best and we embed these skills into your business..

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(3) We Activate - we work on only a select number of projects every year...where we launch and roll out new brands or revitalise old ones. This covers developing a Blue Print for your Brand, crafting your Promise and manifesting this across every touchpoint including corporate identity design, product design, buildings, environments etc We receive many requests and due to limitations cannot accept all applications 

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