What we are...

We’re a branding shop from Cork Ireland… 
change agents with a mission… 
a small version of the big branding guys.

We have a knack for building brands that are authentic & human.

As a “branding shop”, we mean we’re human – in scale, tone & personality -  the kind of people you would meet in a really good local shop where you browse – without pressure...

We challenge the status quo for the sake of big results... But we go deep into your business to help you move from where you are - to the best you can be.

We’re not... a faceless corporation... people who’ll blind you with branding models, processes or jargon...


Our style & values

Our ethos attracts people – but we're not for everyone… 
We're unique… different.

When we work together, you get a lot more than a fresh coat of paint.

You get a team of Change Agents keen to help you change the game – so you can grow customers, profits, reputation & become champion of your sector.

Always working from inside-out, we dig deep to help you get to the heart of what makes your organisation different & unique. Together – we figure out what this means to the people you need to reach.

We’re friendly & purposeful... love our work... love our ideal clients... Do our best work with clients who want us to be real partners. 

You'll feel we’ve become agents for your business.


Meet the Agents... 



Irishman living in Cork

I'm Brand Sociologist at ChangeAgents Branding. My skill is helping people tell their stories better.

I'm strongly committed to more meaningful marketing because I'm fed up with rubbish, mediocre marketing.  

I value branding that both works and attracts people & gets them to care about you & your business. Also, I hate wasted money & want to ensure every investment delivers more than was anticipated.  

I'm a trained sociologist & taught theory & research methods at Institute of Public Administration in Dublin.  After moving to London, at London Transport (Buses), I went from bus conductor to senior management - headed up customer service training for 19,000 people plus management development - two levers of a complex organisational change & cultural transformation.  

At The National Trust, I led performance management training for all managers & directors during a period of major change.

In 1998, I set up my own business consultancy OMani & Co. I specialised in improving the reputation & impact of individuals & teams within corporates & not-for-profits.  My clients included The National Trust, Lucent Technologies, First Group, National Health Service (NHS)  & Euro RSCG.

returned to Ireland in 2005 (after 30 years) because I was ready for change & I wanted to be near my extended family.

I set up a micro business in Cork, Marketing Write Now, to provide copywriting & marketing services.  But that quickly turned into a Reputation Building service. I turned into a storyteller for business, keen to help companies & individuals get their story straight.

All my life I've wanted to be surrounded by great designers - to present big attractive ideas & ideals in the best possible style. Co-Founding ChangeAgents Branding has given me a splendid opportunity to do my best work for ideal clients.


Personal stuff:
I'm first born child of a Limerick bookshop owner & a remarkable mother. (She's 87 now).  I think of my winding life journey as a challenge to become "me" - my own person, not copying anyone else - consciously & unconsciously. A lifetime & continuing effort to be the unique person I am. You could say I've been building "Brand Me". Politically I've been "revolutionary" - passionate about the reputation of Ireland, the international world, the working class & minority groups, anti-imperialist, anti-racist & anti-sexist. I still have strong convictions. I've been a poet since 1995.  I have an epic poem for sale in the Kindle Store. I wish I was a better golfer. If I had one food to take to a desert island, it would be Irish fillet steak (cooked blue). My musical taste is catholic - particularly opera - and especially live. I live in - and love - Glanmire, an eastern suburb of Cork city.









South African living in Cork

I'm a South African entrepreneur & Branding Specialist living in Cork, Ireland. I bring fresh brand thinking & killer ideas to organisations hungry for growth...

Co-founder of ChangeAgents - I have a passion for, & track record of, helping businesses move from what is to what's possible.

A skilled designer of ideas, brands, products & new business realities.

Successful experience heading-up marketing for large corporates. In Ireland & South Africa, I've helped startup 5 businesses in the marketing space - with a multi-disciplinary approach that changes the game for our clients.

Brands I've worked on: Lindsay Saker - Audi & Volkswagen, Honda, Imperial Bank, Geodesic Media, The Motor Finance Corporation, Nando's, Leopard Creek, OrangeCircle, Barnstone Capital, The Decision Tree.  

Local Brands: Electric, Human+Kind, The Fabulous Fabric Company, AnotherFriend.com, Waterford Stanley, Moriarty's at Gap of Dunloe   

My career began with marketing VW & Audi in South Africa in 1993. My boss Bill Lynch (Ernest & Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2008) inspired me to dream big, stretch myself, create campaigns & learn from results.

My corporate background involved managing marketing for South Africa's biggest motor dealer network. I also headed-up Marketing & New Product Development for Imperial Bank, a startup. 

As founding member & Executive Committee member of Imperial Bank, I launched its vehicle division brand -  the Motor Finance Corporation - across South Africa.

I've worked on thousands of above & below-the-line marketing projects, on a national & international scale, across a variety of different industries. Worked with amazing people & created big brands, products & companies. 

Since 2000, I've been involved with a number of start-up ventures including :

At D.U.O we helped The Motor Finance Corporation build & position its brand in the fiercely competitive South African vehicle finance market. The marketing & branding strategy helped double its market share & grow its asset value to €5 billion before it was sold to Nedbank in 2010.

In 2008 I  moved to Ireland for a bit of an adventure & a better quality of life.

Now my mission is to share the secret sauce of Big Brands with Irish companies serious about marketing. My focus is building more meaningful relationships between business, brands & people - in store, online & in the market place.

Marketing can be a force for good - deliver choices for consumers, a voice for employees & make business much more accountable.

I've been on radio in South Africa & TV in South Africa & Ireland. Have written for newspapers on marketing, branding & innovation.

I'd love to meet you & learn more about your business & find how we can help you achieve extraordinary things.    

Personal stuff:
My family sailed  to South Africa from Devon UK in 1820 on a ship they owned "Canada". My grandmother was an Irish McDonagh. My sister is a film producer in Jozi. I've been member of African National Congress (ANC) since 1987. Conscientious objector, conscripted into South African army 1990-91. I went to nursery school in Jozi with Robbie Enthoven - he set up Nando's in UK. I've been a scratch golfer & love watching rugby & soccer. I live in Carrigaline, Co Cork.